Sunday, August 30, 2020

Crazy Quilted Christmas Stockings

This last year I got an email from one of my cousin's children inquiring about my Crazy Quilted Christmas Stockings. She remembered that many many years ago she had seen one of my stockings that I had sent to one of my favorite aunts and wondered if I still made them and if so, would I make a couple for her children.  I was honored to do so.  These crazy quilted Christmas stockings have become part of our Christmas tradition, though we start early shopping in order to fill them along with purchasing gifts for Christmas. They are that big!! A favorite filler are canned goods from our cupboard at the last minute as they aren't so easy to fill, but our tradition includes all the sundry things that we would purchase in the new year: toothpaste, toothbrushes, special candies or treats that are specific to the tastes of those who are receiving the stocking. Small gifts also fit in them. 

They are fun and festive, not unlike another favorite of ours being English Christmas crackers..nothing too essential but all festive and fun and wards off any hardship posed by Christmas expenditures! We are well provided for into the new year!! These are pictures of the stockings I recently made. They are a bit richer in fabric and totally unique. They all vary a bit in size as well as fabrics selected! I use fabrics rich in color and diversity and my stitching is as varied. Each is unique. There are none alike!! I do hope my cousin's children enjoy using them. I made a couple of extra as Christmas needs to be able to expand to fit whoever are gathered. I am honored to share with her one of our favorite traditions!! My cousin's adult child chose the backing fabrics used in them and I chose the rest of the fabrics to coordinate with them!

We have used our crazy quilted Christmas stockings now for more than forty years!! I will make these on special order, but will need plenty of time to sew them as you will note each one is rich in hand- embroidered embellishment as well! It is never too early to think ahead for Christmas and these make a lasting traditional gift to be re-used each year!!  Just send me a note if you would like to order any. and some of your favorite colors, and I will created them from the fancy fabrics I have on hand to defray expenses.