Thursday, July 23, 2020

Remembering Part 3

This is the final and last chapter of the history of Little House Home Arts. I recently told my daughter that I wanted to make a final quilt, and she started laughing and said, don't you mean, you want to make "a final SERIES of quilts" truly I have several partly done and another in a beginning stage and yet am talking about making another detailed appliqued quilt besides? She knows I never stop dreaming of making quilts! "Yes, I guess that is what I mean" and had to laugh as well. So many quilts not yet finished, such that I was sure that she was nudging me to not leave them partially done for her to finish!!

I don't produce anything in singles and haven't for a long time. It seems that creativity means getting loose and staying that way, and making huge messes and starting more before I have finished the last. For too long sewing has been my therapy and why quit now? Yes, I am aging, BUT didn't I say that I wanted to be the Grandma Moses of the quilting world?  Besides, I seem to be right in the middle of some serious marital discord, that apparently for too long has not been reconciled and so likely I will have more time on my hands and not less in future days, as we each seek individual counseling, though the outcome is beginning to not appear different from when it started.

I am sad about it all, but am not finding viable options except to change what I can and accept what I cannot. I could feel hopeless very fast but that isn't my style. Life is full of opportunities and I refuse to think that problems cannot be solved, but when the parties aren't desiring that; keeping positive and headed forward seems to be the only answer.

My sewing has evolved into making quilts, which is actually where I wanted to go when I first started sewing professionally, but was realistic about quilts not being easily marketable, nor fast to produce. Sewing for money was never what my sewing was about and still isn't. I simply love to create and so I will find uses for whatever I make and to date, have done just that. Anyway, here are glimpses of some of my past as well as present projects. A quilt, for me, is like a good book that lasts a very long time, especially when working on multiple projects at once. It isn't about "having" the creation as much as "creating" that brings me joy and keeps me entertained.

These are some of my more recent past and current projects: Enjoy and don't worry, I am still here and sewing! Some things don't change!!
Fabrics for new Bee-Attitude Quilt.
One machine embroidery of many for the Bee-Attitude

Another machine embroidery for the Bee-Attitude
A Bee-Attitude for the same quilt.

Another Bee-Attitude for the same quilt.

A wall hanging made from Japanese
Dwaibo fabrics (all appliqued and
quilted by hand.)

Close up of Dwaibo wall hanging in process.

Strips of fabric ready to make machine
sewn quilt. It is done, just not pictured.

My mother's hearts and flowers candle-wicking quilt, needed
to be finished by me. It is done by hand, using quilt-as-you-go

My mother's hearts and flowers quilt needing the last row of
blocks attached with two long sashing strips and hand-
quilted. (done by Mary M. Campen) (God-willing com-
pleted by me.--"my ticket to heaven", only if done!)

The most recent original Aboriginal Crazy
Quilt done using machine embroidery,
hand-applique, with embellishment stitching
done on machine and by hand. Still needs
last black border to front and tied to same-
   colored backing--(hard to find final fabric
 needed to complete it during this pandemic).

Civil War machine pieced blocks. I became "a class of two", so
each of Barbara Brachman's blocks were done twice using
different fabrics for different effects. All waiting to be joined
to make two quilt tops.

Same project as above. Different view.

Was created to be a backing to a Batman quilt for a niece's
child. It was too wild for her. Waiting for completion as
a quilt.

Machine sewn comforter. Hand tyed.

A sample of some 100 hand appliqued double heart blocks,
all sewn on various shades of muslin, waiting to be sewn into
one or two quilt tops.

My "near famous" Crazy Quilted Christmas Stockings.

A simple comforter made for my niece's child with her
favorite Disney Princesses.

My niece's daughter on top of  her
new comforter,with her bed tent
and birthday gifts gathered around
her! The comforter was made
to be durable, washable and