Sunday, June 14, 2020


Memory of days past are speaking loudly to me these days. It is one thing to lose something or even someone, but those whose memories have been damaged lose so much more than simply the present. Their past can be tainted and potentially rob others of the good memories of the past.

I am wading through much sorrow these days on many fronts. As I grow older, my friends are incurring life-threatening illnesses and even my husband has experienced a serious crisis that stopped me in my tracks. He suddenly shared with me that he didn't want to be married to me anymore after just celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. It was devastating, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that something was going on with him that wasn't normal. He agreed to seek counseling and so we are both in the midst of our own individual counseling. What is going on is serious and will require long term therapy, we have been told. Both my husband and I decided to not give up easily on what it has taken us years to build!

After almost five months, there has been what I consider to be a major breakthrough. My husband is appreciating that his past traumas are affecting his present life in a way he has never experienced before, creating misunderstanding in his communications. He just caught himself in the midst of misplacing his frustration and anger where is doesn't belong, corrected himself and apologized. This is a major!  My hope for his recovery is positively reinforced. His therapy is working and at a miraculous pace!! I have new hopes for a future I had never doubted before.

This last Memorial Day was sad as we couldn't celebrate the weekend in our usual small town ways largely due to Covid19 and all the changes it has created in our community. Parades and other social gatherings and small town events were all cancelled, but I am not forgetting  those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country, nor am I forgetting good memories shared with my family, though our proud history needs to be un-buried and remembered. I recall memories that need to be celebrated and rekindling hope that normal life will return in the near future. It has been a double whammy to be hit with the corona-virus pandemic and its social isolation all in the midst of our own personal crisis! To be free of both someday, will be huge, as I have a new-found appreciation for all the small things in life  that make life worth living!!

I have found it helpful to take time to visit the "fruits" of our marriage, being our two grown daughters and confirm that our family life was wonderful and real! They are my proof and tangible evidence! Many happy memories were shared as a family and they help to validate all we have lived through and for! These celebrations of memories and histories are so critical to the well-being of our country and the values we embrace!! What is occurring with us as a family seems similar to what is  happening on a larger scale in our communities, cities and countries.

In the midst of a rather complicated, but simple transaction on line, I found myself sharing with a total stranger, my history of creating Little House Home Arts and referred her to my Etsy Shop. Sadly I am so behind in terms of keeping my present creations listed, but also realized that my wares listed no longer represent all the different mediums I have explored while doing my on-line business. I went to find photos of some of my earlier creations, and found it very validating to see how our home was transformed into a house of multiple sorts of creations and thought you, my readers, might also enjoy some of the pictures I found. I am still not finding some I remembered, but was none-the-less excited to see our former days, not all that long ago, when life was simpler and thought you might enjoy seeing them as well!! These were some very fun and colorful days!!

Life  and stress has a way of wearing us all down and most of us are so blessed with memories  of  past days. It is important to take time to collect these memories about us during such a time as this and remember and hope that life will return to being less complicated, and with new-found appreciation for the small things that add such joy to our living! It is also good to remember values we embraced prior to days of this pandemic as well as days of relative peace, without rioting and so much civil unrest! Did you know that after the Spanish Flu, there also occurred much civil unrest?  It gives me hope that our future will have normalcy in it again, as our country has been through this before and recovered!! Do keep your hopes and dreams of better times alive and well!

I hope these pictures will stimulate memories of some of your more care-free, energetic and productive days or give you ideas for future creations to try yourself!! I will split them into groups and spread out my findings in blogs ahead as well! Enjoy!

Days of embroidery and needle-felting...Embellished wool
Easter Eggs!

Applique and Needle-felting combined.

No matter how small, detail work is fun...

And variations by changing colors for new looks.

Primitive needle-felting, my start to painting with wool roving.

Applique with touches of needle-felting.

And pincushions by the batches. A batch of fruit pincushions.

Acorn Pincushions.
Any design I could imagine...

Wait! An ear with pins, a perfect gift for
my acupuncturist with realistic first
More batches of tiny pumpkin pincushions!

A blooming cactus and other colorful creations by the batch!

Blooming potted plants of all colors.

All making for a colorful display booth!

Even political cushions! Fun displays!

Potted Strawberryplant blooming!

More colorful blooming cacti!

My own patterns, though most preferred me to sew them!
How about a dog pincushion?

More of my needle crafts of the past to come in the next blog!