Monday, June 29, 2020

Remembering-- Part 2

Too many pictures for one blog, so I decided to do a second part to my last "Remembering Blog". I found it good to see what I had been busy doing the past several years on my blog. It started as an experiment in me sewing while I was on a medical retirement from nursing. I was in treatment for Chronic Lyme and so creating Little House served as a distraction during an experimental long term treatment program for Lyme Disease. 

My treatment involved taking Benicar in large doses to eliminate Vitamin D from my body, as it was felt that perhaps my body's production of Vitamin D interfered with my ability to fight off diseases that had been retained in the body's biofilm.  The thought was that Vitamin D acted similar to a steroid, and prevented the body's immune system to fight off low grade infections that tended to continue on. So low dosed antibiotics were pulsated,  taken on an "on and off schedule" that along with eliminating Vitamin D would perhaps cause better "kill off " of these various "hard to kill  chronic bugs in my biofilm.

Treatment was to last 3-5 years, though my regular provider was forced to abandon his patients and was routed to another clinic, so was no longer around to help me wean off this protocol in a safe fashion.  The loss of my provider in the middle of this protocol, meant seeking another quickly. As we wore special dark glasses to prevent our bodies from creating our own Vitamin D when stimulated by light and wore long sleeves, people in small communities knew all in their small towns who dressed like this, and made it easier to track down those in treatment especially as I traveled around to different towns in Vermont to sell my pincushions. In this way I was able to track down patients treated by my doctor and networking with them was able to find a future doctor willing to treat me further. I continued this Marshall Protocol using a second doctor in Massachusetts. My treatment continued for eight years total, so Little House  Home Arts continued on as well and my oldest daughter and husband  took over doing sales and craft shows in limited numbers each year. I needed to live in low lux light or wear dark glasses and the sales became too exhausting! My sewed creations continued and was the distraction I needed during this long-lasting treatment. Here are more pictures of my continued creations, truly my occupational therapy during this time! Fortunately I was not contagious and my sewing became a real blessing for me!

Pet pincushions.
Owls, blooming cactus pincushions, owl scissor holders 
that when inserted made eye glasses for their big eyes,
 ice cream sundae pincushions and a plain pincushion in a cup.
From pincushions to wool pictures with 
embroidery work.

More wool pictures with 
embroidery as well as
Thin and fat pineapple.
Spotted dog with scarf and ball.

A silly cat, using herringbone wool.

Christmas Tree ornaments, penny-rug style.

An actual"penny rug".

My penny rug sampler made from the
first penny samplers I made when sitting
with my mother at the assisted living 
facility, whiling away the hours. It is still 
waiting to be hand-quilted in all the empty
gray spots. They represent the seasons of 
the year as well as domestic and wild