Monday, October 8, 2018

Creating Multiple Quilts

Creating multiple quilts is a little like watching grass grow! It starts slow, but after a bit of time, I am inundated with quilt blocks, such that new plastic containers became necessary to keep them all organized. If all goes according to my plan I will have quilt blocks enough for six quilts by the end of the year. They, of course will still need to be stitched into quilt tops before they go on to be quilted. Here are pictures of what I am working on, though to be sure, until they are stitched, all are subject to change. I am, however, wanting my readers to know that while I don't blog often, I remain hard at work to accomplish what I can!
This is to be a hand-tied comforter for my nieces step-child. There will be
white cotton lace around the center panel which is surrounded by multi-print
pink, blue, lavender and purple patchwork squares. I will keep this simple,
as it is to be completed by January 2019, in time for her birthday.
These are simply a few of my double appliqued heart quilt blocks? So far
I have 54 blocks almost done, but my plan iss to do two a week for 52 weeks
for a total of 104 blocks by the end of the year. I am playing catch up right
now in hopes of reaching my yearly goal! All are done on different shades
of un-bleached muslin or neutral prints, as in the end it  or they are
supposed to look like scrap quilt(s).

These are some Civil War Sampler quilt blocks from Barbara Brackman's
Civil War Sampler quilt book. Years ago I took a sampler class and found
it so interesting to see how the same blocks turned out so different using
different fabrics and so I decided to be "a class of two" making two blocks
each week that are the same block design but made of different materials. I
 should complete 104 different blocks to make into two quilts by the end of the
year. I am considering constructing them differently using different sashing
strips and different style borders. This has provided me much practice
constructing different sorts of machine-pieced quilt blocks. I do hope,
when finished, all the different designs in the blocks will tie together to make
two colorful and unified quilts.

More of these same Civil War blocks. Barbara Brachman's book has 50
different quilt blocks with complete instruction for each! I love the red,
off-white and blue Civil War reproduction fabrics! Did I mention that my
grandfather, John L.Campen fought in the Civil War under General Custer?
I have read many novels and books about the Civil War, including those
about the prisons of this time period. What a divided time in our nation's
history! Almost as many died of starvation and disease as were killed in its
various battles. My grandfather spent over a year in different prisons. He
was fortunate to have survived the war and sustained only a minor injury
when his horse was shot out from underneath him!

This is a 9 patch/9 patch quilt with a poinsettia block in the middle of each
9 patch/9 patch block...The quilting of the unbleached muslin quilt blocks
should add much design to the quilt. Even so, laid out, I am not sure that
I like it and am considering different ways of constructing it to make it
more interesting. I laughed and told one of my friends, that  the real
creativity comes when you have the blocks cut and sewn and then decide
to redesign it! It is a very old and simple quilt pattern (usually).

This is another 9 patch/9 patch quilt, though I may put it together in a more
random fashion? I am not certain yet, but you will note the different
 Christmas colors used. I am going to further explore ways of using
9 patch blocks and consider redesigning this quilt too. 9 patch/ 9patch
quilts can be beautifully simple, or downright homely? I am not sure that
adding the poinsettia blocks in the middle creates the effect I was hoping
for. I take heart that a few of my mother's beautiful quilts were redesigned
while in the middle of creating them!  Some quilts despite beautiful fabrics
turn out to be ugly...I am trying not to take it personally...
Using Connie Harris Farrington's modus operandi, I have had a relaxing year simply focusing on making quilt blocks, as well as working on finishing a quilt of my mother's, not included in this blog.
I have taken a longer break than I planned to make some new pincushions for Maria Wulf's Fall Open House in Cambridge, NY. this coming weekend. I was also slowed down by some health issues as well, so I have fallen behind on some of my quilting goals. A period of catch-up will be needed. Working on multiple quilts and projects at a time is a little crazy, but overall it has been very successful and never boring! Doing different projects at a time is actually keeping me motivated
and creative!

While I haven't been blogging on a regular basis, so as to not bore you, I have not been idle~ It has been a year of practicing my hand-applique skills and piecing skills of all sorts. My new quilting machine has been sitting idle for too long in the basement, as I prepare quilt tops for much quilting practice ahead! I am trying to be patient with myself as I learn all the different aspects of quilting. No matter how many quilts or comforters I make, I am still learning new skills and practicing old ones. I have more quilts in my heart and head, but will continue to work on everything incrementally, as I finish some old UFO's that I want to complete. In between I will be creating simple hand-tied comforters for relatives and friends that I want to keep warm during the winter!

My quilt projects continue to be organized so that I have nothing to worry about (see my blog, Process for a Multi Quilt Quilter of 7/19/18) which talks about my new modus operandi of creating multiple quilts versus one start to finish. Keeping everything organized is my new way of keeping me calm and collected, knowing that they will all be finished someday by someone, albeit, not necessarily me!

Did I fail to mention that my goal has been to live as long as Grandma Moses and become The Grandma Moses of the quilting world and create oodles of quilts before I die?!! That is my plan and I am sticking to it!! I do hope my body cooperates, and I will soon write about some of the ways I am working to maintain it, but that is a topic for yet another blog...Stay tuned!

Part of the fun in all this is finding materials on sale at good prices and sometimes they come already
color coordinated. The other part of the fun is trying new patterns and learning new techniques!
Love these pinks and browns!