Monday, July 9, 2018

Yet More Quilts from The 2018 Vermont Quilt Festival

 As I promised my readers, here is another blog featuring more of the quilts from the 2018 Vermont Quilt Festival. The photographs were taken by my husband, Tom McMillen and each caption will credit the names of the quilts as well as their creators and their locations. Sit back and enjoy these wonderful quilts!
Blossoms From the East, pieced and hand-quilted by Barbara Korengold
of Chevy Chase, MD, taking Best of Show. This quilt shows not only a
beautifully designed hand-appliqued quilt but shows beautiful hand-
quilting as well!!

My Splendid Sampler, First Generation, pieced and quilted using a domestic
machine by Janet Dalis of Melrose, MA. I loved this sampler!

This is the backside of  My Splendid Sampler with names
dedicating each block separately! The design front and back
were beautifully done earning winning ribbons!

Braided Triple Irish Chain, pieced and quilted by Claire B. Watts of
Cohasset, MA. I loved the design,  muted colors and delicate lace edging
on this quilt. It was quilted using domestic machine and the quilting is
amazing! What a lovely quilt!

Radiant Stars, pieced and quilted by Nancy Simmons of Duncannon, PA.
She used domestic and longarm quilting machines to quilt it! Another winner!
Barnum and Bailey, pieced by Daisy Dodge of Carmel, NY. This was long-
armed quilted by Angie Vertucci. I didn't begin to try to estimate the amount
of pieces in this amazing quilt! And yes, that is a first place ribbon and
well-deserved recognition! I believe I read that this was the creator's
own original design.

Les Cubes, pieced by Liliane Whalen of St.-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC, and
Hand-quilted by Jocelyne Martel! Each of these cubes is pieced from tiny
octagons. I tried to figure out how many pieces and came up with
approximately 33,666 pieces? Surely my math must be off?..
And to think, her quilt is finished and my own simple quilts
are still in process!

40th Year Celebration, pieced by Miki Peine of Saint Paul MN. Longarm
quilted by Page Johnson. Think it is just like the other red and white quilt
featured below?...It isn't! Look at the center of this quilt!

40th Year Celebration, pieced by Miki Peine of St. Paul MN. This picture
shows the detail of the center of this quilt! Amazing or what!? Longarm
quilted by Page Johnson.

Rosslyn Tartan, created and quilted by Pat Delaney of Abington, MA.
This was quilted using a domestic machine and is an excellent example
of what we used to call "whole cloth quilting". My mother loved to let her
hand quilting be "the art", and this one one does just that!

Silky Six Collection, pieced and hand quilted by Susan Sherman of
Westport, NY. She has used silks and then embellished each design with
hand-embroidery, much like a crazy quilt! Very nice indeed!

Circle of Illusion, pieced and long arm quilted by Jean S. Welch
of West Chazy, NY. No show is complete without a beautiful
red and white quilt! What a marvelous quilt this is! Similar,
but different to the one above!

Vintage Rose, pieced by Lisa McCarthy of East Kingston, NH., quilted
using longarm quilting machine by Carrie Zizza of It's A Zizza. It is
definitely a winner!!
Blue Feathered Star, pieced by Laura Hartwell, Elkton, MD and longarm
quilted by Sue Whitaker. Love the classic blue and white colors and
 rather traditional pieced blue star design with appliqued borders! Very

Nevertheless She Persisted, pieced by Kathleen Bowler, Holyoke, MA,
and long arm quilted by Timna Tarr. Persistence is indeed what it took
to create this lovely and complicated quilt! It looks like a paper-pieced
quilt to me.

A-B-Sea for Ewe and Me, pieced and quilted using domestic machine by
Andree Bergeron, Lavel QC. What a lovely child's quilt!

As you can see, no quilt is finished until the quilting is done and how
beautiful is this quilting, earning multiple ribbons!

This is but a sampling of the many beautiful quilts at this year's show. Do mark your calendars and come to The Vermont Quilt Festival next June 2019 (information can be found on line)! You will be glad you did!