Thursday, June 1, 2017

On New Love

What is not to love about this little face?We are mutually bonding!
New love is very exciting and is the best anti-depressant ever without the need to swallow any pill. It is fun and does keep us vibrant and open to new possibilities. And so it is with our new little kitty. It seems the name Addie Rose is sticking best, for truly she is the new blossoming romance in our life.

She is still too little to come home. We need to give her another couple of weeks or so to grow. We are visiting her as often as we can. She is getting to know and recognize us.  My daughter thought perhaps she was young enough to react to her in the same way she does to me and she began to cry and settled right down when placed back in my hands. I was touched. She has indeed adopted me and I couldn't be more thrilled!