Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Kitty Coming Home Soon!

We have an announcement to make at Little House.  We have a new little kitty coming home in another week or two.  She adopted me first and then my husband.  We are very excited about her! Though we still miss our Zeldie and likely will for some time to come, this new little kitty has lifted our spirits.

We have gathered some new kitty items for her and I will keep you posted as we put her "nursery" together to welcome her home. Our search for her wasn't without some serious thoughts taken as to how to train her to not use her claws or teeth destructively as our little Zeldie did. We also have made plans for her should she outlive us. Nothing is sadder than animals who have lost their caretakers. Our girls seem open to taking her in should that happen.

Shortly after we adopted Zeldie, my aging mother required much of my time and so my youngest daughter took over mothering our Zeldie.  She was amply loved but didn't get the training she needed and so I look forward to training this little one. I did inquire about "training a cat", as the cats I have known seem to come with their own ideas, but have been assured that training can be done. We shall see?

We still aren't certain of her name as yet and are welcoming suggestions.  Right now, it seems that Pearl Gray Button may be our first choice, though we like Addie Rose as well. My grandmother was named Rose Addie by her older brother, but known to her family as Addie. I wonder if she would be honored to have a cat named after her?

Nosey, Maude, Stitch Sister and Comfort were considered as well. Drew was also a choice, after our beloved vet. A friend who offered several suggestions, including Pearl, did indicate that some of her pets needed to be renamed when their unique personality emerged and that may well be the case here. So far, she is the sweetest and most delicate kitty ever, and simply radiates warmth, love and comfort!

I couldn't help but note the happiness that came over my husband's face as he held her and my daughter noted my response to her as well.  We miss our children and the joy that they brought to us, and pets are taking on greater significance to us the older we get.  They truly are children substitutes. Their needs keep us going and make us feel younger. They are recipients of our love and give us their devoted love in return, so essential to keep us seniors motivated and engaged in life! Grand babies most likely do the same, though that is not within our repertoire. That will have to be the decision of our children and can't be rushed by our needs.

My daughter commented that my expectations are unrealistic for a tiny little kitty and I should perhaps check and trim them down to size, but at our ages, we need all the loving we can get, as well as give. Love is truly energizing and I have no doubt that the love this little kitty will bring to our home will be sufficient or else another kitty... or more perhaps? I enjoy scaring my children as they did us once upon a time, when they knew no limits as to the number of pets they wanted!

So let us know if you have thoughts regarding what we should name her. We have to wait until she is about two pounds before bringing her home. Last week she weighed only one pound! We will visit her tonight.  She is at an SPCA shelter, and they welcome us bonding with her before she comes home. It is a bit of a drive from our house so we can't go as often as we like, but will hopefully see her at least a couple of times this week! She is so precious!


  1. She's adorable! Love the names!

    1. Thank you for your comment.I have already been twice this week to visit her and can't wait for her to come home...She is THE RIGHT kitty for me...I love her!!..and she seems to like me as well!! Very exciting!