Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter, Passover and Spring! Here are pictures from our annual Easter Egg Dying Party, a very messy but fun and creative time! We try new techniques every year, but have so much fun that we forget to take pictures until near the end of the party.  Everyone leaves with an assortment of fun and different dyed eggs.  We even do egg swapping and share an Easter gift or two!

We always start with a delicious dinner and end with an even better dessert. Sorry, no pictures taken of our delicious taco dinner with tiramisu dessert! This year my daughter, Hannah hosted this fun event and hands down, she is the best cook ever!
These are some of the fashion egg colors of the year (or not?)!

A close up!

Drying...Waiting to be fully finished.

Perhaps this end of the table had a better assortment of dyes?!

Some preferred softer colors!

Some mixed their colors up leaving more blue and mud colors?

Green, blue and brown ones here!

She picked this egg to model! Which is "the good egg" here?

Very artistic!

Process is everything, this picture showing the near final outcome!

Painting using a tablet of dye (earlier in process).

Egg painting obsession here (earliest picture).

Almost  done here!