Monday, March 27, 2017

Where did I go?

The first of many UFO's to be completed.
Even the internet is wondering if I am dead or alive as are my readers unless they have given up on me already? My blogs have dwindled to infrequent to almost non-existent! Behind the scenes here at Little House, however I have been busier than ever!! I never stop writing, photographing, sewing, reading and expanding my skills with mostly positive results. Addressing the ever-changing needs of our household has, however, required me to cut back some activities for a time.

When I started Little House Home Arts, I would sometimes get stressed as I wanted to be sure that Little House's various activities kept "in balance".  Sewing, writing, taking photographs, marketing and posting blogs kept me very busy as I developed new creations. My oldest daughter and "partner in crime" used to remind me that I could take it at my pace, fitting it to my time and desire, as after all, Little House was my own creation.

As I continue to face various challenges in my life, I have recently taken her advice and have taken an unplanned extended vacation from posting blogs. Being eager to get my UFO's completed, and realizing that my old-fashioned ways of hand-quilting needed to expand to include some machine quilting as well, I have also taken time to learn new skills! It has been an exciting new venture!

I continue to shop and invest in materials and patterns, and am always working to better accommodate for my different styles of sewing and expanding collections. Although my presence on line has been shrinking, Little House is doing quite the opposite.

Initially Little House originated when I had to take a medical retirement from my professional work as a registered nurse. I went into extensive treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease and Little House became a side-line hobby-business, keeping me ever focused on my health regimens as I kept  my mind and fingers busy sewing and creating. My goals have not changed, though my medical issues have.
Sic humor "keeps me keeping on". (credit to Trip Advisor*and CP).
Other changes at Little House have been occurring as well, and some have been addressed in my blogs, not the least of which is that my eldest daughter has gotten together with a nice young widower with three children and so my husband and I are continuing to grow into being step grand-parents as well as adjusting to our empty nest. My daughter and her new family have recently purchased a new home and their many renovations involved a community of friends and family, though my contributions mostly consisted of thoughts and ideas, worry and prayers! There are many now now that take credit for her new home's transformation!
Sarah Bear is finding her way into the heart of my new step-grandchild.
Our step grand-daughter's first of two rooms finished! Very nice A.W.!
With our daughter and cook gone, I not only returned to cooking but have returned to the world of preparing a NO SUGAR, no-yeast, no alcohol diet despite my belief that sugar IS the largest section on the base of the food pyramid and doesn't " a spoonful of sugar make the medicine go down?" ...And doesn't everything taste better with a little champagne or wine?

No sugar, no yeast, no alcohol diet means lots of fresh veggies!

I am writing this blog to tell you where I went...and while I wasn't far away, I have traveled a good many places since my last blog. I am ever so glad to "be back" and can't wait to share with you about what is up at Little House! I will post a few pictures to give you hints and in my next few blogs, I will catch you up on what you have missed in the past couple of months!

While I am ready "to spring into spring here in Vermont", I find myself smiling as I look outside only to see that we still have winter white still covering the ground and only an occasional robin to suggest spring may be around the corner! Do return to get the full scoop on these stories and more!

Yum, not too bad! 
*credit to my friend, C. P. and Trip Advisor at