Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Zeldie Doing Better!!

My human thinks this is a likeness of me, but it is not even close!
Zeldie thanks you for your well wishes and prayers and says to tell you all that she is feeling much better! Her lab work does not show kidney problems, but did show signs of infection. She is on an antibiotic that is cherry flavored, which she would like to report is not a favorite flavor among cats, but with her two humans and a syringe it is rudely getting shoved down her throat, and then as if to apologize they are then pushing her to eat by feeding her baby food meats along with the most tempting of canned cat food every couple of hours.  She says she may well have to pretend to be sick just to get this pampered care that, as royalty, she deserves!
 Zeldie gets treated every two hours to gourmet foods & all I get is this ball!
She has been treated for worms and at the animal hospital she was given subcutaneous fluids to hydrate her. Her humans think she may well have something inside that is devouring so much food now!  She still doesn't care to drink, but as yet she hasn't been offered clam juice or champagne!! Her humans seem slow to catch on to the sort of care that cats in her class deserve.  She is still loyal to them, no matter what, for after all, she is a most special breed!!

Her humans want to thank you too for your concern and care! It appears that Zeldie is ready for another life on earth, one of her many.  I am sure that she will soon be back to re-designing my quilts! She wants you all to know that all she has to do is to bite them where she wants her human to do some extra fancy patchwork and is pleased that so far she has re-designed three quilts and looks forward to redesigning many more!
A lovely hand-quilted wool quilt that I...

...bit a few holes in the back and so got this lovely patch done to credit my help!