Sunday, March 27, 2016

Memories Made

How little it takes to make good memories...and so I reflect on our Easter Egg dying party...some pizza, a gathering of family, hard boiled eggs, some egg dying kits, and a few treats in Easter bags, and a party was
Nice green!
You are going to do what?
Mmmm? Getting good!!
...another technique--shrink wraps?! Really?
Whoops...the eggs are too big for these wraps!!
Yet another green?!
You know what they say about famous minds think alike?...another green egg!!
Yet another version of green, the IN color this year with a bit of marbleizing!
Kacy is very serious about his egg art!
And this is the work of our serious egg artist!
And it isn't a one-sided work of art!
Cassie, left to hang out in the corner by herself?
...but not forgotten...with a little hug here and there!
The start of Kacy's photo gallery of his and Sarah Kate's egg art!
Egg Art photo by Kacy, so he can eat them this year instead of saving them!
Too beautiful to crack and eat, for sure...Easter eggs by Kacy and Sarah Kate!
Another art photo by Kacy of his and Sarah Kate's egg art!
Kacy's photo of his  Humpty Dumpty egg art!!
 We hope you enjoyed your Easter/ Passover/ Spring celebration as much as we did!!


  1. Hah this is great! I love that you do this. It's so nice to document good times like this through more than just photos.

  2. thank you Kacy...Nice work on the eggs...I am proud of your artistry and love your pictures...Do enjoy eating thos eggs! Love, jane