Wednesday, February 17, 2016

There But by the Grace of God...

Facebook notice for Stacie's fund.
I am sure that everyone has known someone whose life has undergone such severe circumstances, that you have muttered to yourself, "There but by the grace of God, go I." ....and so it is with my friend and fellow crafts person, Stacie Mincher.  She had told me some time ago that she had a brain tumor that was being carefully watched by doctors, and though her comment was made casually, it didn't escape my professional nurse concern.  It was located near her pituitary gland where the optic nerves and major blood vessels converge.  No matter that it was a benign tumor, its location alone made it extremely dangerous.  Any growth and it would put pressure on the optic nerves and surgical removal would be high risk.  Her problems instantly dwarfed any we had entertained at our house despite some serious brain and neurological issues related to three out of four of us having chronic lyme disease. Stacie had, in my opinion, made a wise choice to avoid surgery as long as she could.

She wrote to us this Christmas that she was going to have surgery in January, and her optimistic attitude made it seem more like she was going to have her wisdom teeth pulled. Her announcement was matter-of-fact and she was so positive that she would soon be home for a quick recovery that we were convinced that her surgeon would have no difficulty.  We were all stunned to hear that her surgery did not go as well as hoped and that a blood vessel was nicked and she suffered a stroke in the middle of her operation.  She was kept in a medically induced coma for many days following her surgery and many wondered if she would survive.

Those that know Stacie well held hope for her, as she is one incredibly strong lady!! She has a way of defying odds and has proved to be so incredibly successful that I often told her that she was my inspiration! Her example of hard work and ingenuity has made it such that not only has she supported herself by selling her "zipper jewelry", she has proved herself to be equally as gifted in her marketing skills. Her work is in almost every well-known art gallery and boutique all over upper New England!

Stacie wasn't just my inspiration but was inspiring to others as well. She has taught many a class on recyclable art and what started with an art degree from Castleton State College has grown into experiential expertise that she gifts to others. Stacie's practical application of creative genius has made her a source of encouragement to many an artist and her winning smile and personality a good friend to all she meets. Her creative energy extends to all areas of her life.  She never lets anything get her down for long and we are all praying that this stroke will not slow her down for long!

Stacie's recovery will realistically take time however! Having had a minor stroke myself, I can tell you that much rest is needed to heal the brain, and her recovery will take some serious rehab as well! Although she has the well wishes and prayers of so many, more are welcome and donations are being collected at WWW.YOUCARING.COM/ZIPPERLADY to help defray her medical expenses. I assure you that no donation is too small. There is also a benefit auction that will be held February 20th at Vermont's very popular Frog Hollow Craft Center on Center Street in Burlington. To view many of the beautiful items being auctioned see frog hollow benefit.

"There but by the grace of God go I".... Such catastrophic events happen and doing for her as we would hope others would do for us, is what is called for here. A little help from those that care will help Stacie get back up and going.

Stacie, we are sending you our well wishes and prayers for your complete recovery and hope that our donations will  be of help during this time!! With much love and support! Jane and friends