Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thread Art

I wrote to one of my friends telling her that I saw two  quilts at the Vermont Quilt Festival in the section of Wall Quilts--Mixed and other Techniques, that instead of being pieced or appliqued were done with a technique new to me called Thread Painting. My friend wanted me to research this technique, post pictures and get back to her as to how it is done. So Veronica, this is for you.
Dad by ReeFagan, Bow, NH. Variety of thread used on silk print of photo.

Charlie by Patty Williams of Plessis, NY. Fusible applique & thread painting.

Thread Painting is a technique that is used to achieve realistic images like those in photographs or pictures and is done entirely using a free motion embroidery technique with a sewing machine. I must confess that this is "out of my league".

For any of you that have attempted free motion quilting or even succeeded at it, I tip my hat to you. Although I can do any sort of free-hand-embroidery and can also do hand-quilting, and even some machine quilting, speed up free-hand stitches on a sewing machine without prior sketching out where I am going and I freeze.

This is as much as I know about thread painting, though appreciating it, like I do, I will, no doubt, attempt this technique when the need arises. Now that my friend inquired, and I have seen what all can be done with this technique, I will spend more time checking out the instruction videos on line, but my dear Veronica, I will leave demonstration of this technique to the experts!! Click here for more images of Thread Painting and see a video demonstration of how it is done.

I will be eager to hear back from those that try this technique before I get to it!! Meanwhile I will continue to practice basic sewing machine skills to gain the courage to attempt this new-to-me technique of thread painting!