Saturday, April 18, 2015

Different Perspective and Attitude Readjustment

Every few months or so, I need to sit down with myself and have an attitude readjustment! All it takes is seeing things through a new perspective!

I get annoyed with the limits imposed on me by my illness...Taking breaks to rest, alternating my sewing activities so my hands won't hurt, and constantly taking my projects in such tiny increments isn't my style.  I like having good days, when I out-do myself, and feel satisfied with my accomplishments.  I am, no doubt, a work-a-holic like my dad. Feeling productive and doing things is what I live for.  I am also fiercely independent, too much for my own sake.There is nothing wrong with needing others and appreciating their help from time to time.  I am not an island any more than anyone else!

My friend sent me a video of a person with ME/Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue.  It showed the before and after.  He is weak enough now to be confined to a wheel chair, while his wife and children take over the running of his farm.  I am certain that his decline has not been easy on his self-esteem, but his dear wife has seen to it that it has been done with all the dignity befitting her esteem and love for her husband.  He now is learning for the first time ever to communicate with his eyes and the help of a computer, for he can no longer talk. His voice is coming through his computer and his voice is loud and clear in saying "thank you" to his wife, and telling her "how much he loves and appreciates his life and how he looks forward to, what most would consider a dismal future.  With his wife at his side, he seems to fear nothing. Should I be so brave!?

It reminds me of how lucky I am.  I may have to rest in between my tasks, or alternate my activities but my craft goals are all secondary to my main goal of continuing to do for myself and my family and being as healthy as I can.

I loved the story of one of my friends who was consulting with her financial adviser and said to him something about "should she ever decline or die" and his reply was, "that isn't a matter of IF but WHEN".  None of us will avoid our inevitable physical decline or eventual death! Keeping our priorities straight is what matters.

My sewing arts business is about keeping busy doing purposeful things until I no longer can. It is a delightful business, one that I eagerly wake to get at everyday, but the real goal is keeping me focused, using my brain to learn something new each day, communicating with others to encourage and support them, and embracing the challenge everyday to do and be what I can be. My sewing therapy is all part of that.

So when you are struggling, take a look around you.  There is always someone that is giving it there all in ways that we can't even imagine. Take courage, and say, "I can too, with God's help!" and hang in there! Rest if you need to and "get back in the saddle". Your ride is NOT over....NOT NOW and NOT EVER!!