Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another Week, Another Sale...

Another week at Little House, and another sale.  Our holiday shows are coming fast and furiously now, one every two weeks and in December one a week for the first two weeks and then we will slide the slippery slope to Christmas. With any luck my personal Christmas sewing projects will be completed before Christmas. At this point, I am beginning to bite my nails.

I used to work in the public school system and used to have my Christmas sewing, shopping, wrapping, and cards done before I returned to school in the fall. I love the holidays and they are even more fun when all is done and ready to go, and I can focus on the holiness of the holidays, taking time to enjoy advent and the Holiday Season's festivities. It is really fun to open packages, when they are prepped far enough ahead of time that they become as real gifts from Santa, not remembering what is in any of them!!

With peace and serenity frayed, I will definitely welcome the advent season, as I grow eager again to celebrate anew the birth of Jesus at Christmas!!

Take a peak at our displays and if you see anything you are interested in and just leave me a note and I will be more than glad to get back in touch with you with detailed information.  Sadly my Etsy Shop listings have taken a second seat to my local shows.  Our next sale will be at the Poultney High School Gymnasium in Poutlney, Vermont on Black Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving. We will be including special cards handmade by my talented photographer friend, Kathryn Crockett.  They are not to be missed!

My personal Christmas sewing includes still more fleece socks, a fleece robe and two patchwork duvet covers. No problem about keeping secrets as those to get these gifts have been included in the process, down to picking the colors or specific fabrics and even doing a bit of their own design work. Be sure to visit my blog often for updated photos of my Christmas sewings and then onto my new winter sport of quilting! I hope you are all getting ready to celebrate the holidays in whatever ways you hold dear, as family traditions make for memories and bonds that carry us through the rest of the year!