Wednesday, August 13, 2014

World Conflict and a Full Moon

Last week whirred by.  My live-at-home adult daughter was gone for a week and I thought it would be quiet and peaceful. Perhaps it was the full moon, or tension spilling over from all the conflict in the world, but despite the quiet in my house, my soul seemed to be anything but serene and peaceful. Conflict found me right in the center of my being for as I shared my concern for the world with a dear friend, it seemed that another "world conflict" erupted right there between us.  I was shocked and dismayed. I thought we shared similar religious and political beliefs, but we couldn't have been further apart regarding the Israeli/ Hamas conflict.

I can be too outspoken and I have made a vow with my daughter not to blog about politics, lest my loyal readers flee. When it comes to my faith, I do less well, as it seems to fall out of me, no matter what. Still, I didn't think I was being overtly political or religious, but in response to my friend's thoughts, out spewed strong religious and political opinions, and the banter began. I spent days in anguish and torment, reading and writing thought provoking emails back and forth, for it seemed to literally "shake my inmost calm". Nothing could be done, but to discuss our differences via emails, learn from each other, as well as consult authorities on such matters and apologize for unknowingly raising conflict. Communicating concern and love for each other and peaceably agreeing to disagree, so as to not let our differences come between us was the best that we could do.

As I tried to better understand my reaction, I noted the full moon but also wondered if my increased physical activity was increasing inflammation in my body and consequently in my brain.  It is common for a person being treated for lyme disease to have such Herxheimer reactions and indeed my pain level was increased as well. With such an exaggerated upset to my whole system, I felt like I was experiencing a sliver of the religious and political war that was happening simultaneously in the Middle East.

In speaking to a rather atheistic friend about it all, she asked, "Would any of this conflict exist, if no one embraced religion?"  It was a good rhetorical question, but then wouldn't we still have conflict over something else, and after all my body and brain was clearly inflammed,...and after all there was a full moon?

I used to be a psychiatric nurse and it is a fact that there would be great escalations of psychiatric upset during full moon phases. Sadly as I finished writing this blog I am learning of Robin Williams' suicidal death. When I manned a suicide prevention line, we got more calls during full moon phases as well.

I think I will map such lunar phases on my calendar in the future to be forewarned! It will be a time to be less active so as to not bring on more inflammation and quietly retire early and alone, with a glass of warm milk, a straight jacket and unplug  the phone (being not such a great lover of cell phones) so I cannot speak to anyone of world events, religious or political beliefs! I wonder if the world shouldn't consider similar sanctions for everyone?