Friday, August 22, 2014

No Idle Hands or Brains at Little House!!

A lot is happening here at Little House! No idle hands or brain here! A brief glimpse at the projects ahead:

The Steve N. Garage and Kitchen Project, slated for completion before October 11th is moving right along thanks to my daughter, and husband!!

As for sewing projects, thirty-four pincushions are pushing for completion for the first craft show of the Holiday Season at Jon and Maria's Open House at Bedlam Farm Columbus Day weekend.

....And still more fleece socks for my holiday shows that will start November 1st at the Holiday Inn in Rutland, Vermont! Is there no end to the fleece sock production? I wonder that myself!! Likely not until after the last of five holiday craft shows ending December 13th.  I will be sure to tell you where and when in advance so you can come and see us in person!

And last, my New Jane Make-Over Project that began four weeks ago is off and moving ahead, albeit very slowly with needed pauses for continued "herxing". It  is a start, however, to getting my energy and strength back following my 5 1/2 years of special treatment for Lyme, that is still continuing! A new hair cut last week, along with getting new underwear, and a new "old" car.  My PT Cruiser bit the dust last week when it failed its inspection as its muffler couldn't be fixed as the entire frame of the car was rusted out. I was fortunate that it didn't drop me in the middle of the road!! My mechanic told me when I was missing it, to go to my local department store and look at the toasters, as one of them will likely be my car incarnated into its next life!  But who would miss it when I now have this new dated and pre-driven one, that is already pre-scratched, pre-dented and a bit worn, a fitting mascot for my new make-over that is once again proving that there is "new life" to what some might consider"old" and "done in"!

Still to come as part of my New Jane Make-Over will be the sewing of some new clothes to refurbish my old wardrobe (AKA the Vermont Dreaming Objective, sung to the tune of California Dreaming); an overdue dentist appointment to rehabilitate my smile; finding a new primary care doctor that is Lyme Literate (always a challenge); and getting new glasses to eliminate my need to literally "feel my way" along in life!  Life is busy and good at Little House!