Sunday, July 20, 2014

Whoops--"Don't forget to move the butter dish!"

Years ago we had a little space heater.  It wasn't working properly and our small apartment was getting cold. Although we were newly weds, we didn't generate enough heat and so fixing the space heater was a task needing to be done.

Right after dinner my husband placed the dirty and dusty space heater on our kitchen table and began his work to repair it, but he forgot to move the butter dish. I don't have to tell you that the butter attracted all the flying dust off the heater as he worked!  Now we have a standing joke about "moving the butter dish" before starting a project and it really means, "clean off the table" before getting started on whatever project you are undertaking.

This is a picture of my rather pricey, but wonderful Goddess Sheet. It is a special teflon fiberglass coated ironing sheet designed to use when fusing fabrics, but seeing as how I forgot "to move the butter dish" when cutting out my fabrics with this underneath, I now have two Goddess Sheets, albeit smaller ones.

I am posting this to remind my fellow sewers that they can prevent accidents like cutting the tablecloth underneath or perhaps a very dear Goddess Sheet by clearing your work space first!  Of course, no one would be a silly as me and forget like I did?!