Friday, June 27, 2014

Little House is Getting Some Attention!

Although I have a house cleaner that comes for a few hours each month to vacuum, do a bit of scrubbing and change linens, there are areas that simply wait for me.  Likely you have noticed that house cleaning does wait for you, unless you have someone that does it all.

I have enjoyed taking a break from sewing as it takes me to the basement where it is cool when the rest of the house isn't. The basement is the infamous catch all. It is very frightening sometimes to go to this den of iniquity to deal with all has accumulated there. But every year there is a day of reckoning and it has been almost a week of it now. There is also a double car garage that is used for much the same purpose, but that will be a story for a different day...enough is enough and just busying myself with my basement studio and storage room behind it is quite enough!!

I have also showered my silk flower arrangements. Those of us that don't have green thumbs resort to such fake blooms that don't need watering and never die!! They do however start growing layers of dust, the remedy of which is to shower them to wash it away!

I only rarely polish silver and there are things that are too much of a bother to be dusted with my thimble collection. These special treasures can't be feather-dusted, and so I occasionally do the dirty deed and wash them all, polish the silver and brass ones and then clean their tiny compartmentalized printer tray display racks.  Now I can finally take their picture without announcing to the world that I would rather be sewing than cleaning!  I don't think that I am alone in having this attitude...there are more important things to be doing with our time, like cutting, sewing and quilting!! I don't do a lot of cooking either now if I can help it!!

And did I mention that Hannah's flower and vegetable gardens are looking good and for my birthday, she treated me to the lavender doors I have wanted for the past few years!!  Are they beautiful or what?!!

So this is what is happening at Little House. I will then put my feet up to rest for a day before going to The Vermont Quilt Festival in Essex, Vermont. We plan to go on Saturday and spend the whole day!! I hope to see you all there!