Friday, May 16, 2014

When Gifts Become Bigger Than the Giver

Some people call it coincidence but I believe that some things are too special to be mere coincidences. These are moments when I know that there is a God and that He tends to details in my life that I can't imagine a God of the whole universe would have the time to attend to. It becomes a reality that contributes to me knowing that not only does He exist, but that He loves me as if I were the only person on this planet!

At the risk of sounding crazy, I am going to stick my neck out and tell what I know.  Of course, having written that I have lyme disease and admitting to having a lyme brain, and being crazy enough to share some of my hair-brained outrageous schemes and plans, it won't be the first time my sanity has been questioned!

Fortunately for me, I have it on good authority that the phenomena I am speaking of truly exists!  Of course I am also reminded that for those who have experienced God at work in their lives,"no explanation is necessary and if you haven't, no explanation will suffice". These God-happenings aren't under my control, and are beyond my wildest imagination. God simply comes shining through and that is what makes them so special.

I had such a moment today, when I opened my e-mails and there was a note from one of my readers.  It was the most touching letter I have ever received. I had sent her a small gift that had become bigger than the gift itself as God's spirit accompanied it to give my reader a spiritual gift that exceeded my own.  I had only been a piece of His plan. My modest gift became enveloped in God's love for this woman at just the right time when she needed it most and she and her family were touched. Her sharing of this special event in her life in turn touched me. For privacy sake, I will not reveal more, except that I read her letter and wept!

I have doubts as to the importance of my blog writing, for sometimes it feels like my thoughts simply get sent out into cyberspace, and although I enjoy making my little hand-made gifts, I don't feel that my contributions to the world are all that significant. In giving a little gift and writing my blog on us all "being fruits of our mothers", came the opportunity to be a part of a gift much greater than myself  to someone that I had never met.

My gift arrived at a very tender and momentous occasion in her life. It's timing was not my doing, but truly God's. Mother Teresa had written that small acts done with heart can be the most significant when they are part of God's plan. She is quite right about that and the beneficiary isn't just the receiver of the gift, but the giver receives as well! The gift has blessed us both and all credit goes to God!
(This is dedicated to G and her daughter and her family. May God be with them now and always!)