Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Winner of this Month's Common Thread Give-Away is....

Vella Draughon is the winner of this month's Common Thread Give-Away.  She commented that she would like to think of herself as a "peach of a mom".  She is likely that as well as our "peach of a winner"!! Congratulations to Vella!

I so enjoyed hearing about everyone's fruits and loved each of the fifty-two comments that were left.  The comments ranged from descriptions of their fruits to comments using fruit word plays!!  How creative my readers are!  I was so sorry that we experienced a computer glitch that erased some of them from being posted as they were truly entertaining.  Fortunately they fed into my g-mail and so none were lost as entries or feedback to me.

I let the computer pick a random number and used this number to find the winner according to the order in which you left your comments. Twelve was the lucky number and Vella the twelfth to register her comment.

I did want to share with you some of the clever descriptive words that were used to describe fruits. They were: sweet, delicious, fresh, canned, ripe, unfinished, "on their way", hard, bitter, and grand (as in grandfruits). All were spoken of with love and acceptance and one noted that all are important to the world, no matter what! Another said her children were "as different as the proverbial apple and orange".

One commented that she was "plum crazy" about my blog. Another told her story of taking bites out of apples and throwing them away, expecting them to taste like a tomato. Many told of their favorite fruits that they have grown, another related to eating fresh peaches while on holidays in France, and that she thought of herself as a peach as she smelled nice, and was  sweet, and should be handled gently so she didn't bruise. Another talked about enjoying thinking of ourselves and our children as actual  "fruits of the womb" and it reminded her of "the fruits of the spirit" as well (clearly a woman with some Catholic values). Another chose a tomato in remembrance of her daughter as they used to can tomatoes together. I so appreciated everyone sharing their stories and fruit preferences.

It is interesting to note that in all the comments, none referred to themselves or their fruits as "fruit loops", though one spoke lovingly of her mother having "fruits and nuts", and confessed that her mother was "a little nutty", and that her mother wished her children to lead a life that is both "fruitful" and "a little nutty". In this same vein, I can't resist confessing that I was born "my dad's little peach", but later in life became my mom and dad's "fruit loop", and I remain a bit of a "fruit loop" to this day. My next blog will be about that, and then will be followed by "A Mother's Legacy", which is the story of what "pushed me over the edge".  I think blogs on mothers can't be limited to only one day of the year.  So do come back to celebrate more mom stories in honor of Mother's Day!  Thank you all for joining in the fun!