Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kim Gifford, May 2014's Common Thread Give-Away Artist

It is my pleasure to present Kim Gifford as May’s Common Thread Give-Away Artist once again. The first time I wrote about Kim, December, 2012, I wrote about falling in love with her digital collage picture of her ballerina pug holding a rose.  It captured so beautifully my unfulfilled dream to become a ballerina.

My dream of becoming a ballerina was about as likely as seeing a pug wearing a tutu and holding a sweet rose. It was quite fortunate that my parents, George and Mary had more practical dreams for their daughter, and tried to ever-so-kindly get me to hang up my toe shoes shortly after I debuted on stage as a guest at the Christmas party where Clara is given the precious nutcracker doll. Thereafter she falls asleep and what ensues is a rich dream filled with all sorts of colorful fantasies. I was no prima ballerina, nor a Sugar Plum Fairy. I was part of the backdrop of a very busy scene shortly after The Nutcracker began.

My parents figured that I had fulfilled my dancer’s dream, never mind that my part didn't reach the pinnacle of success for which I hoped.  I was ill prepared to be a dancer. My training was minimal and I was less than disciplined to follow any of my dreams until later in my life. My feet weren’t light, though much lighter in my young adulthood days than now, nor did they tap to any  rhythm.  But isn’t that what dreams are often about; being what we are not or ever will be?  This is why I love Kim’s photo collages. To me, they represent the special dreams that reside in our hearts, many of which are never lived out.

This month Kim is offering a print of her digital collage she entitled, Easter Bunny, with baby chicks, curtains, theatrical make up and dress up, though in this case it is perhaps "dress down" instead, complete with a child’s innocence and total abandonment and a bunny’s tail. It is an 8 x 10 inch print on watercolor paper. The collage image is 5 x 7 inches, and is suitable for framing.

To win this print all you need to do is to go to Kim’s website, and simply leave a message any time Monday through Wednesday of this week.  In your message please leave identifiable information about yourself and the winner will be randomly drawn and announced at the end of the week.While you are there check out Kim’s blog writings and her gallery. She is a writer by education and a photographer and digital collage artist, and painter as well as a proud parent to her special pugs. Kim is free-spirited, and whimsical, but spiritual and serious as well.  Do take time to get to know her and her work!

Free give-away drawings  is our way of thanking you for visiting the websites of our Common Thread Artists.  Each month one of our artists will offer one of their pieces to a lucky winner. Next month I will be the give-away artist, so do return to visit our websites, and be sure to register each month to win a free gift! Thank you for supporting our blogs and artwork!