Saturday, March 8, 2014

This Month's Common Thread Give-Away Winner is...

Joan from Wisconsin is the winner of this month's Common Thread Give- Away!  Thank you all for your interest and participation.  There will be another Give-Away the beginning of April!

Rachel's hope that Spring will be here by April is optimistic and I hope she is right! With warmer days we are beginning to see sugar buckets here!  This is definite progress towards spring, though here in Vermont we have a 5th season called Mud Season, when the ground begins to thaw, and the "frost heaves" in the roads level out and it all gets squishy!! It is also a welcome sign that spring is around the corner.  So far our ground is still covered in snow here, though our plow piles seem to be getting a bit shorter!

Thank you all again for participating in our Give-Away.  We appreciate your interest in our work!
Sincerely, jane