Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is Here, at least on the inside!

It is the first day of spring and  I looked outside and said, "Really?"

When it doesn't look like spring, and "cabin fever" is setting in, it is important to create spring yourself and so I am....

I hope to have some of my new creations posted early next week at the latest. I also believe that when trying something new it is best to create not one, but at least a few.  That way I "have more skin in the game" and work harder to create what I envision.  We'll see how I d
Do come visit my Etsy shop for I am planning many new items for Easter and then for Mother's Day.  I am also off and running on "Operation-Cut-And-Quilt".  If I can produce fleece socks or pincushions "a plenty", why not challenge myself to create quilts "a plenty" too.

A plenty is what my Great Grandmother Kiechel would reply if anyone asked her if she would like a second helping at dinner.  She would always reply, "I have had a plenty, thank you".

When it comes to creating quilts, I have decided that although I am overwhelmed when I think of completing the seven I have already started, and have in some state of near completion, if I cut out several more, it will make seven seem less rather than more overwhelming?!  This should increase my chances of enjoying the process guilt free and change my attitude about quilts being impossible to finish.  Perhaps I will then complete them and more!
I have been inspired by Teresa Rawson's blog, Fabric Therapy. She creates a plenty of  beautiful hand-appliqued quilts.  I will not challenge myself to do the hand-detailed quilts that she is doing YET. My quilts will be simpler for now as I warm up to greater challenges, like finishing my mother's heirloom candlewicking/lace/heart quilt that I featured in my blog around Valentine's Day.

......and yes, my family is questioning my sanity (and so am I), though in truth I am having a great time planning and cutting fabric.  I am resolved to leave a detailed plan with each quilt I have in process, just in case my children inherit them in an as-is state, though I am resolved to live as long as needed to complete all I start. I may have a bit of magical thinking here, thinking I can extend my life by committing to more, not less in my future days. My plans will let another know just where to pick up where I left off should my days run short and I need not experience any guilt for cutting my fabric, as whatever is cut and planned can be sold as kits in my final estate sale.

Nothing is gained if nothing ventured and so I am stepping up my sewing plans to create more exciting sewing adventures in the days and years ahead! Don't worry, I also have many a pincushion and needle book cut out and ready to stitch as well...and when perhaps I have completed many fleece socks, wool pincushions and assorted other fun projects and quilts perhaps my great grandmother (and God) will look down from heaven, smile and comment that I have certainly done a plenty!