Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Winner of The Tomato Pincushion is....

Pamela A has won the drawing for the extra large tomato pincushion! If you didn't win this time, please know that our Common Thread Give-Away is held every month and so stay connected and we will be informing you weeks from now as to who the next Give-Away Artist will be.  We appreciate your interest in our work and want to show our appreciation to you by having give-a-ways each month! Congratulations to Pam!

Thank you all for leaving your comments and stories. I enjoyed hearing about your early sewing days and had to smile at the one about getting her grandmother to do her stitching for her.  I am certain that my mother felt the same way about trying to teach me to knit...picking up my dropped stitches wasn't so very fun!

Please know that in the middle of our drawing we experienced some technical difficulties and didn't want to work on our website until the drawing was over, so we posted my email  address for you to send your comments. We hope that everyone got a chance that wanted one. We will work on our site to assure that this doesn't occur again! Thank you for your participation and feedback that you left us! I would love to give you all a pincushion if I could.  I hope you will visit my ETSY shop and come back and visit my website again!