Monday, October 28, 2013

Part Thirteen: Living with Chronic Lyme Disease: a long and difficult journey

Part Thirteen: Fact or Fiction? --you decide

It is a well-known among most Lyme patients that the name of the disease came from a well-known outbreak of Lyme disease in the 1970’s in Lyme Connecticut, right across the Connecticut River from Plum Island. At that time, Plum Island was a research laboratory used to develop biochemical weapons. It was suspect that the birds from estuaries all along both sides of the river carried Lyme Disease from this research facility's outdoor animal pens that housed their animals used in their experiments to Lyme, Connecticut.

The government admitted researching and developing enhanced tic-borne illnesses as a bio-warfare weapon. Why not use Lyme and tick-borne illnesses as they are so debilitating and mystifying in the extreme?  No two Lyme patients’ diseases look the same and these bugs are elusive and hard to kill.

In other areas of the world, Lyme Disease responds differently to various treatments, such that the disease and its receptiveness to treatment varies according to where it is acquired.

This is all shocking to think that our government is involved in developing such horrific weapons, but awful weapons is what war is about.  It is even more shocking that they potentially weren't more careful in their research to prevent the spread of such an infection, but stranger things have happened.  Do your own research on the matter and you decide for yourself whether this is fact or fiction!  (to be continued...)

The illustration above is done by Hannah McMillen and the figure drawing by Sarah Kate McMillen

(*Caution: These blogs are not meant to be actual medical advice but rather meant only to empower others to face medical issues as equal partners with their medical providers and never give up questioning and exploring what alternatives may be available for conquering their illnesses.  Living life with a chronic illness is a daily challenge and it is my prayer that no one give on up living their life to the fullest extent possible.)