Sunday, October 6, 2013

October's Common Thread Give-Away Artist is...

Another month and here we are again. It is time for our Common Thread Give-Away and this month's give-away artist is Rachel Barlow.  I have been reading her blog, and am comforted to know that I am not the only one battling clutter and calories and the endless chores that come with being a wife and mother and still keep up with what is going on in the world.  Thank you Rachel for your "common sense" way that you make sense of it all, and remind us of what is essential!

Your encouraging spirit nudges us to keep at it and reminds us that we can conquer our challenges, bit by bit, though I don't think a one ton container of discard is but a bit, and I am sitting here thinking how much bigger our house would be if I filled a few such containers as well! Inspired by you, I think I will start on a smaller scale and will try to fill up the waste paper basket and then another and empty them into garbage bags and haul out!  I am a bit older and have to take on some projects in smaller and more incremental steps!

Rachel is now printing her encouraging spirit right onto tee shirts and exercise wear! Be sure to see them on her blog. They make me think of tea towels that remind us of the work activity of the day! I smile and think I will ask her to have a very large shirt printed upside down for me, so when I look down I can see the activity right side up and jog my memory and keep me to task! Rachel, you are an inspiration to me and housewives everywhere!

In order to sign up for Rachel's free give-away picture above. please go to her web-site (Picking my Battles) and simply leave a comment to enter yourself to win.  It is that simple and good luck to all of you! and thank you again Rachel for your inspiration!