Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Calling All Women

Calling All Women!
I just read Jon Katz’s commentary on his Bedlam Farm Men’s Support Group (dated Saturday, Sept 28, 2013)...I just love it when Jon gathers with his male barnyard animals to discuss and explain the world of men to his these “seemingly stupid” creatures, who are really wise beyond their human species.  It does put it all in perspective when Simon, the ass, can’t make sense of what men do and Red wants to leave the country.

Though I likely share few political beliefs with Jon, I work hard to not speak my mind of such matters especially in my blog, excepting, of course, my recent blogs on Living With Chronic Lyme Disease, which has broken all rules. I don’t even speak of my political beliefs outside of my house or for that matter, even in my house much these days as I have noted the political divisiveness of the country is truly coming between the best of friends and even family lately!

My daughter taught me when first blogging to avoid writing of politics, religion or the medical world of which I was a part, for she knows me too well! These are subjects that I could not contain to blog-sized writings, and might find myself being the target of extremists wanting to rid the world of insane far-out wingers of which she thinks me one!

I have heeded her warning, though as much as she would like, she has been unable to silence me from expressing my political view in my own house! I did have to seek her permission to write my own personal story, agreeing first not to whine too much or become overly dramatic. I truly believe her intentions are pure—to keep me safe from the extremes within myself as well as those outside my house! Still, I think, such extremes are what interest me so! I do possess a flare for the dramatic and so why not watch Fox News, and then flip to MSNBC for therein lies the best soap operas of the day?

Ted Cruz is indeed a hero!!!  Could you go twenty-one hours without peeing? And why not add Green Eggs and Ham to his speech? Straight political theater would lose listeners in a minute!  How creative and human of him to add such important matters and even talk about guns as well! I marvel about how I was raised on all the famous cowboys, like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and The Lone Ranger, and didn’t just stick to doll play.
Note my brother's cowboy shirt, tie and cover boots. His holster and toys guns are likely concealed!  I remember him being heavily armed! And don't be fooled by the seemingly "sweet girl" with the Mary Jane's. She is part of his posse and isn't just along for the ride in his uncovered wagon!

Could social politics really ruin such a good upbringing as mine?  I had cap guns in holsters and water pistols, and treasure the aggression that they brought out in me, lest I be a totally wimpy Cinderella princess that had to wait to try on glass slippers to escape her seemingly abusive mother and sibling rivalries! I am shocked to see young children being arrested or suspended from school when they are reported of playing with toy guns. Has the world really become so controlling? We played with toy guns, and even had boxing gloves and I wouldn't think of touching a real gun now!

I learned to slug it out with the best, and my brother was one of the best when it came to slugging it out.  My mind and body were taxed all the days of my youth and I do believe that there is a scripture passage (whoops...now religion brought in to break yet another rule?!!)...about how “brothers are born for adversity”. Mine were no exception!

I now thank my brothers for the first original harassment therapy I was to receive to make me “tough enough” to survive this world! I even took jujitsu training with a Girl Scout troop, only to learn that likely my brain would be my only real means of self-defense or escape from potential kidnapping or more likely of becoming a boring old housewife. Imagination has served me as well as any of my skills when it comes to surviving this world filled with evil and bacteria that threaten all peace and serenity!

My oldest daughter learning to beguile her dad while only months old.
She learned to drive and take control even then!
So women and girls of all species, let us unite and have our own Female Support Group and explore those wily ways we have so skillfully learned.  We have much to share with each other.  I am a human resource of skills untold as are you! I can even take screens off of windows enabling me to crawl out of my bedroom after locking myself in it to keep me safe from my brother’s torture when my mother was gone for the day and my brother took the doorknob off  to keep me locked up, though many of his tortures were ruses only to meant to terrorize, just like his April Fool's jokes targeting me!

We females are indeed creative and most brilliant creatures and I do believe we can solve the problems of our society if we but unite and share our creativity. Even my brother trembles at the thought of what I can do when I put my mind to it. I think we have what it takes to ward off terrorism and all the other ills of the world! I do hope that squirt guns aren’t outlawed however as we need women who, like me, learned to strategize and plan to ward off all possible threats!
Innocent children?  Think Again! They already had acquired skills to run the world!