Thursday, October 17, 2013


I am grateful for so much, though only last night, I lay in bed unable to sleep and worried about everything.  I have learned that sometimes it is merely the darkness of the night and by morning everything looks brighter, sleep or no sleep!

My house cleaners were here today.  In only a couple of hours they have changed the bed linens, vacuumed and mopped the floors and scrubbed and polished here and there.  I do the pre-clean, with the help of my family and we try to return things to where they belong. It is a wonderful and soul-lifting experience to get rid of a few cob webs, some dust and see our little house shine, though I must admit it doesn't last long enough.  It does last long enough to think of getting back to my projects with an enthusiastic, and fresh new spirit however.

My cleaners have become my friends and we check in with each other and see where another month has taken us. Fall is here in glorious colors and plentiful harvests. It was a bit rough getting here, I have to admit. I seemed to be fighting a bad cold that was going around and then fighting some inflammation in my leg, serious enough to warrant me building a mountain of pillows in my bed and then trying to figure out how to sleep with my leg perched upon them to drain the extra fluid, likely now in my head?

But with a clean house, and the fall season in full array, I am ready for a new life. There is much sewing to be done and no time to waste! There are many hand stitches to be sewn before the holiday sales! Thank you to all my readers for your encouraging words and I hope that you will enjoy browsing through my Etsy Shop. I will be posting wares every few days, so keep watching for gifts that might suit even the most difficult to shop for.

With a renewed and grateful spirit, I am back to some serious sewing--but not too serious with a foot still demanding some care. Sometimes I think it was easier having small children to care for than caring for a body that goes "on the blink" at the most inconvenient times.  I do have a card that reads,"If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?" . It makes an excellent point, and just like my house that takes maintenance, so does my body!  Balance can be precarious, when, like a kid, playing too hard to stop, I go at my sewing and writing and leave the cobwebs for a "natural Halloween decor"! How grateful I am for such fun "work" and a clean space to do it in, and in such a beautiful season in this land of the Gods, Vermont! Hopefully, my leg will come off it's hallowed pillow mountain soon and do what legs are meant to do!