Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sign up for September's Common Thread Give-Away

This month's Common Thread Give-Away Artist is Maria Wulf.  I have written much about her before, but it is never hard to find more to say about Maria.  The more I get to know her, the more she amazes me. She is married to Jon Katz, and together they live on Bedlam Farm 2.0.  I was going to write that they "run" it, but in truth, I believe that the sheep, donkeys, chickens, dogs and cat "run" this farm and Maria and Jon work for them.

Maria, though small in stature is big in might and resolve. She is the frequent subject of Jon's blogs, and is often featured in his farm photos, working hard, and tenderly loving and communicating with all the creatures on Bedlam Farm, including Jon.

Her artwork cannot be separated from her life, for it is all "at one" with her and her character. Whether it be in the photos of her little bits of art warming the windows of their farm house; or in what she calls "streaming", which is her unique free-flowing quilted art drawings in wall-hangings as well as functional art items; or in her fun and creative vintage hankie scarves; or in quilts that are creatively made of re-cycled fabrics, including family items with special memories, Maria's free-flowing, gentle spirit shines forth.

She is an artist with an eye that misses no nuance of psychology and humor and seems to sew it right into her work. I have always envied people that are able to live in the moment and find that Maria not only lives in the moment, but spontaneously transcribes it right into her work. Don't miss signing up for Maria's free give-away (pictured Monday on her website ) by simply going to and leaving a comment any time Monday, Sept 2nd through Wednesday, Sept 4th. The winner of the drawing will be announced on Thursday, Sept 5th. While you are there browse and read her blogs to better get to know her and her work , and see her husband's website as well, (  so as to not miss learning about this quiet, gentle, farm-woman side of her as well!