Sunday, September 29, 2013

Meanwhile in My Studio...

Meanwhile in my studio I am crazily sewing.  Holiday shows are around the corner and I have only 43 sewing days to go to my first one, and after that only 14 more to go to my biggest show of the year following Thanksgiving!

Here is the rub, I am a person who lives for the holidays and so I really need to get organized.  Gone are the days when my Christmas cards were done before fall started.  Now I am more like everyone else and just try to squeeze it all in around holiday shows and hope to get them there before Christmas! There is something about the pressure that motivates me to work harder. I learned a long time ago that there is no rest for the wicked and realized that I have some serious wickedness issues!!

I have completed 280 pair of fleece socks and hope to cut out more, just in case there is a holiday rush on them!  We are also working hard to get everything ready for posting...I just sized hundreds of pictures of my wares for Etsy, and tonight will get back to doing needle-felting and embroidery work on pins and ornaments. I seem to thrive on the challenge of it all, but my blog writing seems to diminish.  So instead of writing I will offer a few sneak peaks of what is coming.