Monday, September 23, 2013

It is in Giving that We Receive

We have been putting up produce from my daughter’s garden, as well as other produce that comes our way. It is part of the “waste not, want not” mentality that I was raised with.  Be it pickles or fruit or herbs or even material scraps of one sort or another, we squirrel it away. I learned a long time ago that if ever I need to feel better, there is nothing like giving a little something to another to lift my own spirits, as well as those that I give to. With collections of home-canned produce, or tiny homemade gifts, or even sending a "like-new treasured item that another might enjoy" doesn't cost much and it makes me happy!

Of course, it need not be material possessions. Gifts of self may be given too. Kind words, a phone call to those that don’t get out, an e-mail or card to let another know that they are being thought about or surprising your mate, child, or friend, by fixing them a hot cup of tea, or cocoa or even a glass of ice water is but a tiny gesture that can let them know how much we love them. It is easy to forget that doing such small acts of kindness can touch the heart of another.

I received a beautiful gift not long ago from a newly made friend.  It was a posting from her on facebook of a picture of the jar of pickles that I had sent to her, along with my little turtle pincushion that she bought at Maria’s Bedlam Farm Open House.  What made this a gift to me was not only this lovely picture, but the note that accompanied it. It was a little note of gratitude for my e-mails and prayers offered for her when she was going through a scary medical procedure.  It made my heart glow to think that what was small to me had made a difference to her and was too sweet NOT to re-post it here:

Gratitude shared is indeed one of the best gifts ever to warm a soul! This lovely note reminds me of how many opportunities there are in every day to reach out and share a bit of love with someone! It is truly in giving that we receive and I receive so very much thanks to everyone's kindnesses! (Thank you C.C.! Your note is truly beautiful and a good reminder to me of what is most important! I removed you and your husband's names to keep your privacy.)