Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Artist in The Common Thread Give-Away Group

The Common Thread Give-Away Group will sadly miss our artist and jeweler, Nancy Bariluk Smith though we are all happy for the new life changes she and her family are making in their upcoming move to Maine.  I am envious of her living close to the ocean, and for that reason only, I cannot wish her back with us!

I am delighted to introduce to my readers, Rachel Barlow, a writer and artist that will be joining our Common Thread Group and invite you all to visit her website, picking my battles.com. I have spent my morning reading her blogs, and have had a wonderful time doing so!  I enjoy good “down home” stories and she has many to tell.  I am sure that my readers will be able to relate, as I do to her humorous and touching writings about her experiences as a wife and mother of two sons. She captures in words what many of us cannot find words to express.

Welcome Rachel to the Common Thread Group. We look forward to getting to know you better!