Thursday, June 13, 2013

Almost Normal and Vermont Quilt Festival Coming Soon!

Almost Normal

Here at Little House, we are almost back to “normal”.  My husband’s lay-off from his near quarter-of- a-century job, coupled with the loss of my trusted doctor that has seen me through two thirds of a very long- term, out-of-the-mainstream treatment for lyme disease took us nearly off our feet, but I am happy to report that we are "standing" again and almost back to “normal”.  Albeit, it is a new normal.

My husband is working a part time job at one third the pay, with talk that it will turn into a full time job just short of what he was earning before and I now have a new doctor that is out of state, several hours away.  As with all big changes, new strengths have emerged, and with it creativity. A bit of re-structuring of our finances and we are ready for the next leg of the adventure we call life.  Nothing is permanent and we are going with the flow!

My mother used to always say that “need is the mother of invention”, and indeed it is the very heart of creativity.  I have also spoken about the therapeutic value of my sewing. So stress calls for more stitching and creating and I am hard at it!
I think my readers will enjoy the creations that are coming, and with them some changes in the way that I do business as well.  This year I am going to offer my creations to my on-line customers first and then take the rest of my inventory to my holiday shows, instead of the other way around.

I am signing up for local Vermont shows again and will post my upcoming holiday schedule soon.  Meanwhile I am cutting and sewing with the added fervor of one in true need of the peace and joy that comes with creating. Here are some sneak peeks of what is ahead.

In my previous blogs, I have written about my style of creating.  I have days of planning, and days of cutting or dying fabric and weeks of sewing .  I also like to start projects more than finish them and so I frequently jump from project to project, and when the deadlines loom, I begin to finish what I have started.

Other times, issues come up in the middle of a project and I set them aside until solutions come. They always do come with a bit of time, if left to simmer in the back of my brain.

I like being a fabric artist, for it seems that no two days are alike and I often work according to the energy levels in my body and brain, and interestingly enough I often work harder than I used to when I nursed or taught, though I call it play instead of work, for it is truly expressing who I am.

My writing is similar.  I never lack for things to write about, but sometimes I question what is suitable for my blogs, and so some of my writings end up in e-letters instead. Like other writers, I journal daily.  My notebook is my bosom friend where I scheme and moodle.  My writings reflect my mental processing and varies from random thoughts to do lists prioritizing what I want to get done, to silly and frivolous sketches and jottings regarding my worries and possible solutions.

Life is a journey and with it comes peaks and valleys. Physical and mental challenges are like puzzles that push me to work with and around. I now realize that all of life is like that, and realize that a problem or deficit of any kind is but a creative challenge that pushes us to more creativity. Life is good and how grateful I am for all the blessings that come with it, if only I stop to appreciate the obstacles for what they are: directions from above to make the turns and twists that make my life truly unique and different.

Vermont Quilt Festival Coming Soon

As I mentioned my upcoming show schedule, I remembered last night that I must inform my readers that the 37th annual Vermont quilt Festival is coming to the Champlain Valley Exposition Center in Essex Junction, Vermont.  It is New England’s oldest and largest quilt show.  This is the one that used to be in Northfield, Vermont and I am so relieved that they finally took it to a more comfortable, air-conditioned setting.  This show includes exhibits and vendors that are NOT to be missed.  This is the highlight of every year for me.

I don my most comfortable shoes, and take my husband to photograph my favorite quilts and my oldest daughter as well and we make a day of it, though it is a three day festival from June 28th to the 30th. It is an event that draws people from all over the world, and is worth making a special trip to Vermont to see and experience.

Instead of attempting to tell you all about it all, please go to their website at for details.  Accommodations are located all around the exposition center and buses are provided to take participants from their lodgings to the show as well as surrounding classrooms ! Of course if you travel to Vermont, don’t miss Shelburne Museum and Shelburne Farm to step into our New England history and do give yourself a day or two as there is so much to see! All of Vermont is a treat to the eye, and its beauty is not to be surpassed, except during Mud Season.

Do put it this show on your calendar whether this year or the next. Dates vary, but it is always in June. I apologize that I am just now remembering to tell you about it!! It is a real eye-treat whether you are a quilter or not!!