Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Peepers are a right of passage from winter to spring.  It is time to again throw our bedroom window open and listen to them sing away as we fade into a peaceful sleep.  There is nothing like it, fresh air filled with peeper’s songs.

I remember the first time I heard a whole chorus of them.  It was like being part of an enchanted forest with these melodious creatures delightfully singing away.

I am tuning into the other signs of spring: the budding of the trees, the grape hyacinths, and all the other bulbs poking up in the gardens. Hannah, my daughter, loves to garden and I used to love it as well, though didn’t get enough of it in my better days, especially here in Vermont, which is so different than the arid climate of Colorado. Miss a day of watering there and whatever you had planted withered. Here in Vermont, you put something in the ground and nature takes over. The rain comes, along with the sunshine along with the weeds and before you know it you have a whole garden full of delightful finds!

Hannah works at a garden shop and so she has access to plants at a discount.  It is her delight to have too many things to get into the ground.  Somehow she manages to find space for all of them.

She also works with children to encourage them to explore their gardening skills and brings her five year old twins that she nannies over to the garden.  I can sometimes feel a lack of privacy, until I realize that they have no interest being inside the house.  They have come to be in the garden. Besides gardening, they make mud pies and other such delicacies, and are thoroughly entertained for hours at a time!

Peepers, flowers, junior gardeners, senior gardeners, they are all about spring and the summer to follow. It doesn’t get better than this.  A  little bit of paradise right here in Vermont!