Monday, April 22, 2013

Non-linear Progress

Well, I am not sure how many of my readers do the “spring cleaning thing”? This isn’t exactly about “spring cleaning”, but is about my past seven months attempt to recover from a wool sale last Labor Day. You have all seen the horrendous mess in my sewing studio I published several blogs ago.  Well, I finally got around to working on this mess, but I am now here to report that progress is sometimes non-linear.

I have looked for a little silly drawing I saw on the internet of a "progress arrow" that instead of being a straight and upward line, it goes in a circle with many ups and downs before coming out the other side with a slight upward trajectory.  It was simple, but made the point well...that that is how progress is often made, and is so typical of how many of my tasks seem to go.

Although I was finally able to vacuum the floor, the table and desk are still covered and little by little I am finally sorting through all that needs to be thinned and thrown out. It is a work in progress and despite being quite busy and productive, it feels like I can’t name one thing that I have completed.  No, wait, I did complete the comforter for my sister, the one started ten years ago by my mother and me!   The one that should have taken me a weekend to do and the one that disrupted the reorganization of my studio and storage space!

I am working on the mess, but didn’t stop there.  I almost have “the other storage area” organized as well, and now just have two small mountains of “stuffs” to sift through…this task is small when I consider my storage rooms that resemble libraries with rows of storage shelves, all covered with storage boxes of all precious craft supplies and collectibles and arranged my my own sort of Dewey system.

Proudly  I just completed a blog and needed to photograph a couple of special items I had been saving for just this time and went to my well-ordered storage room, only to find that I couldn’t begin to find the special basket that held them!

Does anyone else have this problem? A clean and ordered house (well, almost clean and almost ordered) and can’t find what I am looking for!  And so I must resort to writing a blog to say that progress is not “linear”.  Like  everything else, my efforts fall short of my plans.

A tedious job lies ahead.  Looking through my mystery bins, in search for the two items I have lost, and while I am at it, labeling all that each container holds. Fortunately, some things are already marked, so I just need to methodically go through the ones that aren’t.

So much for my plans to complete my blog on “The Lost Art of Mending” (pun intended!) and get back to sewing. It is more lost than I thought!! I seem to spend much precious sewing time searching for something I need, be it a special item, material, pattern or notion.  Sound familiar? Know that you are not alone!

St. Jude and St. Anthony are my best friends…the saints for the lost and hopeless (well, almost hopeless!)..  Meanwhile, I will take breaks from looking and sew on…fleece socks, flower pots, and prep work for items yet to come….Progress is being made. It is just not linear!

P.S.  The day after I wrote this I asked St. Jude and St. Anthony to help and sure enough, I found these two lost items in the already marked bin, just as I had remembered.  I want to thank them both for not only helping me find these items, but for helping me to locate my mind!!