Friday, April 5, 2013

“It is Finished”

It seems fitting that I finished my sister’s comforter Good Friday. Good Friday’s gospel reading included Christ’s last words and truly, not to trivialize them, His “It is finished” took on new meaning for me this year. I too had a finishing of sorts that same day and I will be back to doing small craft projects for a short while.  It is as though I have have been resurrected. I am so relieved! I love to start projects, but finishing them is another story, especially quilts.

Lent, to me, meant facing my own mortality and as I did, I again realized that I am not getting any younger and decided that there is no time like the present to finish what I have started.  Sometime a project is not worthy of completion, but many are not only worthy, but important to my well-being to complete.

Like most who like to sew, I have many beautiful projects started that need finishing, and my sister’s comforter was merely a beginning. It was so satisfying that I can’t wait to jump in and finish still more UFO's (unfinished objects). 
I think I will take them in the order of the projects that require the least amount of work first, followed by  the ones ones that will require more time and effort. I have decided that if I find a project too overwhelming, I will break it into tasks that seem more achievable and finish them in an incremental fashion. I have already learned that starting a project is half the battle.

Like my friends, I need to get realistic and get to those tasks I have put off!  I even bought myself a new little sign that reads “Finished is better than perfect”.  It will be my new motto and will apply it to even the little projects that need completion.

Easter and spring brings new life!  I have been resurrected, along with my UFO's and my sewing and quilting spirit has been renewed!