Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter / Passover / Spring Greetings and Sale

Last week the four year old twins that my daughter nannies sent our family their small and precious gifts of four individual pussy willow blossoms, one for each of us. While there was still snow on the ground, they found and picked these beautiful little fur balls. These small gifts pushed away the gloom of these last gray days of winter and proved evidence that spring is right around the corner.

To me, Easter is a time of hope as it always comes with spring, a time that the earth greens and blooms with new life. I like to put packages of garden seeds in our Easter baskets along with gardening gloves.  Nothing is so wonderful than planting seeds of hope for new growth, both spiritual and physical.

I am sending you Easter/ Passover and Spring wishes a little ahead of schedule, as I am  excited to share with you a first look at my spring and Easter creations in my Etsy store. These felted wool Easter Egg ornaments have been a family favorite in our Easter traditions throughout the years.

Each is a one-of-a kind creation using hand dyed felted wool scraps. Tiny delicate embroidered detail has been added to their appliqu├ęd and needle-felted designs to make each a true heirloom treasure.  I have a limited supply as we are waiting for warmer weather to replenish our hand dyed wool stock.

I have also added another penny rug butterfly pincushion to my Easter selection as I have always found butterflies to be symbolic of new life.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter, Passover and Spring! Sincerely, Jane