Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall in Vermont

Living in Vermont is a real treat this time of year.  Fall begins slowly and then moves more quickly as the evenings get colder.  Leaf peeping peaks around Columbus Day Weekend or mid October, and then all gets brown for Thanksgiving and by Christmas it is usually white with snow.

I love the seasons and am typically ready for each one.  I wish winter weren’t so long here, but by Mud Season I am ready for spring.  Yes, Vermont has a fifth season called Mud Season, and we even have mud rooms here to step from the outside into a home and shed our muddy boots.  The door on the side of the house usually leads to the mud room as no one uses their front door here.  Some houses don’t even have steps to their front doors.

When we lived on the farm we actually had a wood-barn on the side of the farmhouse, which was really nice to keep wood in for the wood stoves, and we could leave our boots right outside the kitchen door in the wood barn.
Last winter was a very mild winter, but typically we have snowplowed roads with walls of snow on either side.  But I am ahead of myself.  It is only fall and will be for at least another few weeks, though I will be sad to see the leaves come down and many are already on the ground!