Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Great Common Thread Give-Away

I suppose you have noticed the websites listed on the right hand side of my blog?  They have been up now for several weeks, though I have not written about them.  They are all part of a group of regional artists (upstate New York and Vermont) that have come together out of mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work.  Yes, it is a mutual admiration “club”, though none of us seem to be the “club sort” and we have no club meetings.  We simply have met through various gallery shows in our region and each of us is on-line.

We wanted to give each other support and encouragement as well as benefit our readers.  From this has come what we think will be a fun participatory monthly activity for our readers--The Great Common Thread Give-Away.  Each month the featured artist of the month will host a give away that is free to the lucky winner who will be drawn from the list of comments left on the featured artist’s post by readers. So all you have to do to register to win is simply leave a comment for the featured artist.  It is our way of offering to our readers exposure to other artists that you may not be acquainted with as well as a chance to win a sampling of their work.  There is no catch, but only a chance for you to check out our various websites.

This group of artists includes a NY Times best-selling author and writer, Jon Katz, whose books and daily blog offer a wonderful opportunity to experience Jon’s journey in finding meaning in his life on his rural upstate NY farm. His writings include his sensitive and existential reflections about his life, his relationship with his wife, friends, dogs, and animals who have become beloved to all who read about them. Jon’s honest and open thoughts and his beautiful style of writing have endeared many to this kind and gentle soul.

Maria Wulf, Jon’s wife, creates functional fiber art from recycled materials.  Her free motion quilted artwork is among the most creative and expressive of such work I have ever seen.  Truly each piece is sensitive, joyful and whimsical and her quilts are colorful, primitive and each one-of-a-kind!  Maria and Jon’s separate blogs tell of Maria’s quiet, but strong farm-woman attributes and her work reflects her love for her farm life with Jon, their animals, friends and neighbors that they both care so deeply about! If you have tried doing free motion detailed designs, you know how difficult it can be, but Maria’s work makes it look like an easy, free and fluid expression of her free hand and original artwork .  Her talent amazes me!

Nancy Bariluk-Smith does lampwork bead  jewelry.  Her work is guaranteed to be the envy of women everywhere! Colorful quality adornment is her specialty. I spent an afternoon over a cup of tea with Nancy and noted her to be a seasoned artist of many different mediums, and she is a delightful person as well.  She shared many stories of her artistic process that reflect her continued striving to create perfection in her work! Don’t miss checking out her website and beautiful creations!

Kim Gifford is a collage artist who combines photos, artwork and prints with a twist of uniqueness that make her artwork both decorative and reflective. Her meaningful pieces are laced with humor, whimsy, philosophy and heart.  All are conversation pieces not to be missed!  One cannot mention her without her pugs. Her website is after all, pugs& and through her wonderful writings and artwork, you will see the world through the eyes of her pugs and perhaps see yourself in them as well. (I identify with her ballerina pug with the pearls, but that is a story for another time.)

I hope this will be an added bit of fun and is scheduled to happen the first Monday of each month, simply leave a comment on the featured artist’s blog to register for the drawing that will be announced the following first Thursday. I hope you enjoy these artists as much as I do! To access their websites merely click on the links to their websites.