Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is a Home Security System Needed Now?

I continue to marvel about the sale, though NOT about the good deal that I got, so much as about the great gift I was given for it wasn't by my cunning, but rather by the mercy of the seller, that I am so fortunate to stand before all this wool.  I can't help but wonder about the intent of the woman  whose collection I now own.

My daughter asked, "How could I help but not feel gluttonous with such a collection?" and she is right and that is why it seemed odd when I received a phone call advertising a home security system to be installed free of charge if I allowed them to place a sign in my yard saying my house was protected by their  system.  I had always believed that nothing is "free" and normally never fell for such a line, but truly, my wools made me feel special and I was pinching myself already with my good fortune!

Isn't there a scripture verse about not laying up treasures that can be subject to robbers and moths?  I did seem to remember something about that?  Mmm, maybe they were thinking of a large stash of wool when they wrote those words?

I pressed "1" to get more information, for that is how rich I feel now!  I could, at least, be protected against robbers; the moths I wasn't so sure about!  My phone isn't working well and so the phone call was disconnected before a live person came on the line.  I could only hope this phone solicitor bugged me as often as the others!  I was now a wealthy woman that needed protection from robbers, after all, aren't wool robbers common? (My neighbor later made me realize that there are robbers by phone and all for the click of a button...insecurity easily reigns when one has great wealth!

How much life can change in simply a moment!  But, it is odd that with my increased wealth of wools, came an increased awareness of how vulnerable I really am. Just as its original owner, I am a mere mortal!  And then I smiled, realizing that I was a mere mortal before acquiring such riches, but like becoming a new parent, I am now responsible for something quite precious!!

I understood now why religious embrace poverty and childlessness. Children and wealth can be burdensome and "unfree" and I recalled what it felt like to have just given birth and suddenly have a helpless baby to raise for some thirty years (the most recent estimate of how long it takes to raise a child until becoming self-supporting and my experience concurs!).

I also recalled purchasing my first and only, wonderful, computerized and automatic embroidery machine.  It was like my fingers had suddenly become obsolete, as they had just been replaced by something able to stitch hundreds of stitches per minute! But I am still here hand-embroidering designs for I am not fooled!  My fingers have even greater value now, as they do what no machine can do, rare and imperfect hand-stitching!  Their labor is still elevated beyond any machine work!

Still my mind was not settled, and I wrestled further in my brain, "It is not the material that owns me, but the other way around", I thought, not sure if that was really true! More thinking was needed!  "The choice is mine: to own it, to sell it, to give it away, to enjoy it by creating with it or to have it own me", I wrestled still further!  This realization felt freeing. "I won't let it own me, but the other way around", I assured myself, still feeling the pressure created from the beautiful materials!  "I don't need to feel intimidated, but rather simply feel lucky to have greater options in stitching my wares", my self talk continued, still trying to get comfortable with my new wealth!

"My great stash of newly acquired wool has not altered me, except to make me better appreciate the gift of my life that goes with it", I thought. A new realization came to my mind, "to he who much is given, much is expected"! Gulp!!

I am a new master and with it comes the responsibility of stewardship. (Perhaps I am an unknowingly a member of Garrison Keilor's fictional, but very real church, Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility in Lake Wobegon?).  All is well, except this acquisition is so wonderful that I really do expect "lightening to strike me dead now" for my husband and I know full well, that without bad luck, we wouldn't have any at all! Whatever did I do to deserve this?  I have no answer to this question, but I will get busy and get to sewing quickly just in case, but first I must bag it all, and put it away, and that leads to another unanswered question, where?


  1. Dear Jane, This post had me laughing! What a conundrum!!! The wool is beautiful.

  2. Truly, good fortune can be hard to handle :) jane