Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Your Invited! East Poultney Historical Day - August 11th

Hello Friends! I apologize for my absence, but we have been scrambling to get ready for our first official show of the season! We will be at the East Poultney Historical Day, this Saturday,  Aug 11th  (9-4). 

We have been working fast and furiously to create a new booth display allowing more air flow in our booth (likely needed in this summer heat) and many new items that we think you will enjoy!!  Do come and celebrate with us!!  It is a lovely day that includes 40-50 vendors with antiques, collectibles, handmade crafts, folk art, food, flowers, museum exhibits, craft demos, lectures, readings, stories, singing, musicians and kids games and crafts.  The day always closes with a traditional church supper!!