Monday, June 18, 2012

The Brycer is Coming

We have a house cleaner named Bryce.  His name has become synonymous with “clean” so much so,  that we also use it as a verb, as he is coming to Bryce the house.

A reminder that Bryce is coming is also a threat and the dread spreads as it means that we all have to do our part to de-clutter and pre-clean before he gets here. Many times this means starting days before, picking up our piles and returning everything to its place.  We can be glad that he only comes once a month and stays only a few hours at a time, though we truly enjoy him and love his effect on our house. We are just not neat by nature!

The day before Bryce arrives began like many others, putzing a bit, and attempting to put order to the house.  It could almost be a lazy day as I have been feeling rather uninspired.  I started pulling books and patterns off the shelf and before I knew it I found myself with my notebook brainstorming and sketching furiously as one idea threw me to the next. I resisted running to my shelves in the basement to start pulling fabrics out and putting them together. The voice in my head that says "Jane, you have piles of pre-cut projects... you should be sewing" was quickly stifled, as my excitement and involvement in the creative process grew.

And then it hit me: Bryce will be here tomorrow.

So I make nice neat lists of what I envision these new projects will become and I resolve to do the laundry and continue putzing at clearing the clutter so that he can find the floors and the counter tops to clean.  I will join his cause for anther day, anxiously awaiting his visit and once it is over, let the living and mess making begin anew!