Sunday, May 27, 2012

From Forgetting to Remembering

Memory is getting to be something I no longer take for granted as I scratch my head and wonder where I put my favorite pincushion pattern, used too often to get it back to the photo box marked Pincushions. And people wonder why I am so organized? It has become a way of compensating for my shortcomings of having memory difficulties. And in turn my shortcomings have made me realize my increasing dependence in a world that values independence. This isn’t as bad as it sounds actually.

 With my dependence comes frustration which in turn humbles me and with acquired humility comes gratitude.  Gratitude is about being thankful to and for others and I am realizing more and more that none of us are really that self-reliant.  We all are standing with the support of others: our parents, teachers, friends, relatives and the community in which we live.  So many are responsible for bringing us food, fuel, energy, shelter, needed commodities, protection and even the choices we have in meeting our own personal spiritual needs.

On Memorial Day, our local small-town parade acts to remind us to celebrate the beautiful network of the community that surrounds and supports each of us.
How fitting that the parade ends in the cemetery to commemorate and remember those upon whose shoulders we stand.  The qualities of our present life with all of the precious freedoms we enjoy were purchased with a price.

The price of lives that came before us investing in the values and freedoms that we enjoy today.  It is important that we take time to remember what is too easily forgotten!


  1. very nice memorial day posting

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