Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Life’s Goal

I must rest my fingers from quilting for a while.  I never have grown accustomed to using a finger guard on my finger beneath the backing of my quilts, the one that feels for the tip of the needle coming through.  Not having quilted for a long while my fingers are too soft.  Quilting with soft, tender fingers is like playing guitar without calloused fingertips. I will switch to sewing French knots on my strawberry needle books, all pre-cut.

Every year after I do my State Sales Taxes and gather and tally information for my income taxes, I reward myself with one of my favorite tasks of all…planning projects, pulling fabrics from my material stashes and cutting them out. Now that my children are raised, my life’s remaining goal is to cut up all of my material before I die.  To assure my longevity, I continue to buy fabric and fortunately I’m not close to reaching this goal!