Tuesday, March 27, 2012

From Brokenness to Creativity and Healing

I recently watched a program on CNN regarding the recent massacre of the Syrian people.  I woke up haunted by it. This isn’t exactly a subject for my Little House Blog or is it?

My eldest daughter has been teaching me about blogs and her rule number one stressed that I should NOT write about my political or religious beliefs (she knows me too well!).  My blog is about my day to day creations in my Little House Home Arts. And I am not breaking this rule!

This program was about the reality of our world.  It is not a secret to any of us that there is so much brokenness…broken hearts, promises, bodies, families, relationships, nations, governments. I thought this was merely a dark Lenten day for me, but I realized that the story doesn’t end there for any of us. There is healing through love and passion and that is what art is about….. taking bits and pieces of materials, with bits and pieces of time, and bits and pieces of love and passion to create something new and different. With it comes healing and a wonderful feeling of satisfaction.

My Little House Home Arts, from it’s conception has been about making a little house into a home stitched with love, healing and warmth. My “business” has come together from a collection of hope lovingly given to me by others who have shared the bits of their lives, often in the form of scraps.  Many were small and unmatched, and some came with shared patterns and their dreams of me making something beautiful out of their "little bits".  My husband would likely smile and comment about our basement being filled with rooms full of bins of "bits", but that is the way collections grow.  It is truly more than an assortment of material scraps. It is a vast collection of precious love that gets stitched into our personal creations.

I am not meaning in any way to trivialize Syria and the devastation there.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to survive under those circumstances, but I can speak to the healing effect of taking what we are given in life and creating all that we can from it and sometimes under some pretty difficult circumstances and/or health conditions. Our rich heritage of traditional arts was based on the need to do just that.