Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I cut and cut and cut and fill up table tops, bags, big and little, and bins with projects all cut out and ready for stitching..  I must warn anyone who follows my methods that this can produce a bit of anxiety as to what order to sew them in, but there is no thought of that now.

I now have fleece socks to sew.

A basket full of projects packaged up into bagged kits: wool doorstop hens in pieces like freshly cut up fryers (see my recent pictures of chicken wings and pincushions pieces on the table); pieces for primitive frame-able hand-appliquéd  pictures, waiting for each to be richly detailed with embroidery and quilting;  penny rug pincushion pieces, and tomato pincushion :body parts, leaves and unrolled stems; and squares of felted wool to make my wool biscornu pincushions of all sizes.

In another container, I have my organic catnip mouse parts and hermetically sealed organic catnip… Is that why Zeldie, my cat, is stalking me around the house? (Where’s Wald...Whoops, I mean Zeldie?)

This bin holds my ornament and needle book pieces, all waiting to be needle felted and/or embroidered.

And I save small wool scraps to cut up into tiny flowers for my flower pot pincushions, and in a cupcake carrier I have all my pieces for my flower pots, “dirt balls” and other mini pincushion pieces.

Did I already tell you that I love to cut and how fun it is to simply pull out the next project all ready to go.  When I was a child my mother would buy me kits to make special felted ornaments with sequins and embroidery thread.  Mmmm? No idle hands, child or adult!